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We protect online presence of Start-Ups by informing them of the vulnerabilities in their Web Portals via our specialized WAPT Techniques. The detailed reports also suggest where the vulnerabilities are and on top of it proposed suggestions to fix them via SSDLC processes.. Read More


  • In today’s world, there are few things which are not been digitized yet. Even drugs are taking it to a next level: digital drugs, or cyber drugs, are now gaining popularity by teenagers and young adults. But how do these drugs work? To get to know how cyber drugs work, we have to go back […]
  • As technology becomes entwined with the real world, Security & Privacy concerns are on the rise. Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates Machine-to-Machine communication. It is a scenario in which objects have unique identifiers communicating without intervention of humans. ‘IoT’ describes a world where different objects and appliances talk silently to each other to make your […]
  • A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how one can create a strong password.  Yet, many people still have no clue how important a secure password really is. Also, with news coverage about eBay’s corporate network being hacked and its database with users’ passwords being compromised, we feel it is necessary to – […]
  • Always thought that hackers have no interests in attacking your computer? Think again! In fact, as a lot of people are careless in protecting their computer from cyber attacks, it makes you and your system an interesting target for hackers. Here are a few tips listed to protect yourself from cyber attacks. Because… imagine what […]
  •   1. St. Joseph Health A three-day hacker attack against an onsite server at St. Joseph Health System in Bryan, Texas, exposed information on about 405,000 individuals. 2. Stanford Hospital A medical privacy breach led to the public posting on a commercial Web site of data for 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital in […]
  • We all know how that moment feels when a password prompt pops up: too lazy to create a new one (I am speaking for myself too). Although there are a few who do create a new one for every online account they have, the majority amongst us doesn’t. However, creating a strong password for each […]
  • There is an app for everything. Proving it true, we picked up the Top 5 apps (shown on yahoo) for students that will make their life easier and more interactive. We dug into the Apps and highlighted the features for your ease. Enjoy!!! A  Student needs to manage a lot of things and as always […]
  •   Author – Himanshu Jangra, Security Consultant – at eCore Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Website :   There is no doubt about the popularity of WHATSAPP mobile app. What if your favourite app will work on your Personal Computer as well? Hold that thought right there. Read this blog before you go and start googling […]
  • Mon, 09 Sep 2013
        Author – Harsh Jangra , Director – Technical Operations (Security) at eCore Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Website :  ** Security is an important issue in computing. Unfortunately, many computers allow a cracker to gain access to them and retrieve sensitive information, or just make life hard.  Ubuntu became the most wanted Linux operating system […]
  • Author – Harsh Jangra , Director – Technical Operations (Security) at eCore Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd. Website : As an IT Security Specialist i always have to play around with multiple vendor’s Firewalls to make our Assets secure and provide protection from various attacks. * Being a System Administrator or Network Administrator you have to protect Web Server, which is […]