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Startups Security

We protect online presence of Start-Ups by informing them of the vulnerabilities in their Web Portals via our specialized WAPT Techniques. The detailed reports also suggest where the vulnerabilities are and on top of it proposed suggestions to fix them via SSDLC processes.. Read More


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has amazingly changed the world of IT. As the public cloud gives huge benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operation, and improved innovation. But many companies experienced that moving to the public cloud didn’t always achieve the cost savings they expected. In fact, organizations have frequently noticed public cloud bills two to three times higher […]
  • What is a Data Lake? Today every second every organization is managing huge data of different types from different sources. The volume of data is huge and it is increasing every second but at the same time they need a data storage and analytics solution that offers more agility and flexibility than traditional data management […]
  • IOT, Internet of Things is a market buzz. All the innovators are busy in launching these connected devices to market without considering the security and privacy. By OTA official, “If businesses do not make a systematic change, we risk seeing the weaponization of these devices and an erosion of consumer confidence impacting the IoT industry […]
  • According to various industry forums and leaders, the prospects for Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud technologies is very bright. This will generate many revenue opportunities for vendors to offer related IT services, including offering the right testing services to the Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud. Testing services are seeing growth in mobile testing, testing for cloud, social media etc., with each evolving independently. […]
  • Innovation is everywhere and the pace by which new technologies are evolving has changed the face of business. Now days, we have a lots of choices, options and better possibilities in digital world. Now days Business is more dynamic in nature and the verticals like social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing have collaboratively boosted […]
  • The recent trend of increasing use of mobile devices in the enterprise has led many organizations to become concerned about the potential for data loss due to a lost or stolen device — phones, laptops and the like lost in taxis, airports restaurants and hotel rooms. But a new survey has found that CIOs also […]
  • In the last few years, we’ve seen a disturbing trend—intruders are innovating much faster than defenders are. We’ve seen the “commercialization” of malware, with attack kits available at cheap price on underground forums for anyone who wants to plan a variety of attacks. Large botnets are available for rent, allowing attackers to send spam or […]
  • Today, everyone probably heard of Pokémon Go, the latest new app that seems to be taking over smartphones everywhere. People are crazy about it and admittedly, I became addicted immediately, which lead me to understand how the game works, how to play it, and what the possible security risks are that come along with the […]
  • This is the list of the ransomware decrypt tools to unlock files locked by ransomware on your Windows computer. Ransomware threats are on the rise, and every other day we get to read about it – whether it is Petya or Locky. This class of malware seems to be the favorite now as it is […]
  • Ways and Free/freeware tools to protect against Ransomware We need to accept the fact that recovering data encrypted by a ransomware attack is next to impossible, so prevention offers the better approach. Because the level of attack is becoming more and more complex to recover the data. Therefore, this trend has significantly increased the need […]