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Startups Security

We protect online presence of Start-Ups by informing them of the vulnerabilities in their Web Portals via our specialized WAPT Techniques. The detailed reports also suggest where the vulnerabilities are and on top of it proposed suggestions to fix them via SSDLC processes.. Read More


  • What is Net Neutrality? The principle that Internet service providers should enable the access to all kinds of content and applications, favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Network neutrality is the idea that your cellular, cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same.  Net Neutrality Across The Globe- After Chile, Netherlands became […]
  • The Misfortune Cookie vulnerability allows an intruder to remotely take over a gateway device with administrative privileges to attack various networks. This critical vulnerability affects 12 million routers at risk around the world in home and corporate environments. The Misfortune Cookie vulnerability occurs due to an error within the HTTP cookie management process present in […]
  • Recently, one of the most infamous cloud attack is Celebrity iCloud Hack. The scam about hack of Celebrities iCloud accounts, are causing many Smartphone users to wonder whether their data is secured on cloud. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that their presence is not much secure and the users must consider some extra security steps […]
  • Mon, 03 Nov 2014
    Cloud Computing is a word which we all heard but few of us know the actual power of this. The origin of the term cloud computing is actually dubious. The word cloud in scientific world is used to explain a large cluster or bundle of objects which usually visually appear as one cloud. Lets start […]
  •   Before we jump to Do’s & Don’ts for Entrepreneur’s startups, let’s see why an Entrepreneur requires Cyber Safe startup. Internet Security Threat – Key Findings* • 42% increase in targeted attacks in 2012. • 31% of all targeted attacks aimed at businesses with less than 250 employees. • One waterhole attack infected 500 organizations […]
  • SQL injection as the name suggests, it is a process in which SQL is getting injected with a code. SQL Server keeps all our data in its database. So what if we can inject a string of code and take out some information from the server. SQL injection is a code injection attack in which […]
  •   Cross Site scripting ranks third in the OWASP 2013. That means, it is very critical. XSS or Cross Site scripting is a Computer vulnerability or loopholes , commonly found in Web applications. If properly done, Attacker can inject client side script into Web pages those are on the Internet. It is very dangerous as these web pages are viewed by […]
  • IT user’s personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, house address’, telephone number, id number etc. are mostly saved on their systems. When these system is not secured effectively from any unauthorised access, there is a high probability that a hacker might exploit that vulnerability and steal that information. Such vulnerability is ”Sensitive Data […]
  •   A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how one can create a strong password.  Yet, many people still have no clue how important a secure password really is. Also, with news coverage about eBay’s corporate network being hacked and its database with users’ passwords being compromised, we feel it is necessary to […]
  • In today’s world, there are few things which are not been digitized yet. Even drugs are taking it to a next level: digital drugs, or cyber drugs, are now gaining popularity by teenagers and young adults. But how do these drugs work? To get to know how cyber drugs work, we have to go back […]