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eCore stands for "e Cyber Oriented Research & Empowerment" & one of the essential elements in our mission statement corroborates it too - "To create earning opportunities by creating innovative research based Products & Services in Cyber Security World".
There’s a huge potential to create earning opportunities in the Cyber Security Arena. This section talks of what to do & how to go about it?
eCore partnership program is very innovative and anybody can join it. It is completely FREE as there are no joining charges. It provides opportunities to people/organizations from all walks of life.
Global Society:
1. Students may enroll under eCore's "Earn While Learn (EWL)" program.
2. House wives or Females may join under eCore's "Women Empowerment (WEP)" program.
3. Individuals or any working professional may join our "Part Time Earn (PTE)" program.
4. Organization or company may join eCore's "Partnership Program (PP)".
5. Vendors may join eCore's "Reseller Partnership Program (RPP)".

Why partner with eCore?


eCore provides an extensive partnership program providing world class services in the areas of Secured Application Development, Network Solutions, Data and System Security.
It supports its partners during all stages of partner development and also during any projects with training, feedback, documentation and is thoroughly backed by eCore in-house expertise.
As part of our commitment to providing quality solutions, we have strong partnership with industry and other technology partners. The eCore partner network is built up of innovative IT solution providers and information security specialists. This network gives eCore the ability to leverage our collective knowledge base and experience to provide our customers with complete, pervasive, legally and standards compliant solutions.
Partnering with eCore will enable you or your company to offer industry’s leading products & services. For More Details refer our - Services & Products sections.
To read more about eCore, our strengths and our cutting-edge industry expertise please refer the About Us section.

How to start the process?


How to start? It is very straightforward and a simple process:
  • Fill the Online Form
  • Schedule a Meeting (Online or Offline)
  • Providing Authentication Documents for Verification
  • Signing the Program Document
  • Enrol FREE Training Program for Chosen Service(s)/Product(s)
  • Enjoy Selling Benefits.

White Labeling


Our Objective
eCore's objective is to help companies protect their mission critical assets and increase revenues by developing profitable Security Partnerships with today's progressive IT organizations.
eCore provides its partners with the ability to
- Generate a powerful revenue stream by "white labeling" eCore's Security Service (we effectively become invisible to your clients)
- Enhance your organization's value proposition by seamlessly integrating Web Application Security Assessment into your existing Security Solutions
- Proactively address your clients' Web Application Vulnerabilities before they are exploited
Application Security Solutions – World’s Best WAPT  Services
Web Application Penetration Test  (WAPT)
For more details click here to download presentation
* Going further, as per the Market Demand, we may add more services to the portfolio.