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The Education Sector has been revolutionized to a great extent with the advancements in Cyber Technology. This can be witnessed by the increasing number of tasks being done online in the concept of e-Institutions around the world. Education Industry now is moving towards online learning to impart quality education through Cyber Space. A number of e-learning products along with secured platforms are the need of the hour.
eCore provides solutions to safeguard from Network & Web Portal Cyber Threats by Network & Web Penetration Testing & Hardening.



The HealthCare Institutions have to face a challenging task of maintaining the balance between the demands for access to the customer information universally and at the same time to ensure its full security. The vital customer information cannot be put at risk at any cost as any unauthorized access to them can lead to a blot on an institute’s reputation. Apart from securing the customer information, securing and provisioning the medical devices is high on requirement as it should be made sure that only the authorized devices are connected to the network so that the scope of Cyber-Crime can be reduced to a great extent.
eCore experts provide solutions against all the Cyber Threats of Medical Industry including that of implementation of HIPAA Compliance. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance includes rules, standards and implementation guides for Medical Industry.



As the Cyber Crime rate is increasing at a dramatic rate thus protecting the government network is of prime importance. There have been persistent attacks on the government networks by the cyber criminals targeting the welfare of the government, economy and the citizens. Any confidential information is vulnerable to cyber-attacks thus posing a potential threat of huge devastation.
eCore's expertise in Cyber Security Open Source Technologies, Cyber Security Tools, Cyber Security Software helps in providing assistance to government agencies for Cyber Crime FIELD Investigations, understanding & imparting trainings on Cyber CRIME Scenario, Methods/Techniques , Processes/Procedures & Finding Digital Evidences.



Internet has provided huge respite in the hospitality industries including hotels and tourism sector as the booking for accommodation and transport are now just a click away. But this ease is coming along with a huge threat of being exploited by the cybercriminals. Online Booking Scams and Frauds are a common place. People impersonating as hotel staff fool people online. The Criminals are not only taking advantage of the name of the prestigious hotels, but are also breaking into the network of the hotels in an unauthorized manner and executing their ulterior motives.
eCore's Security Solutions Professionals take utmost care in configuring security solutions with the help of advanced Networking & Firewall Administration. We ensure that Hospitality industry's Network whether it is Wi-Fi or wired is secure.

Financial Services


The Cyber Threats faced by financial institutions are getting increasingly complex day by day as the techniques of attacks are getting even more sophisticated. Financial Institutions like Banks and their supervisory organizations require high security measures in order to safeguard the confidential customer information. These institutions cannot afford to lose any of the vital information due to breach in security measures as it would result in high revenue as well as business loss. As the financial institutions are interconnected throughout, and breach in their security can make the entire framework vulnerable to disruption and result in threats for the national security and stability of international system.
eCore's expertise makes sure that Financial Frauds or Financial Attacks are reduced by safeguarding against any Cyber-Attacks including that of Malwares by analyzing their Functionality & Behavioral patterns. Accordingly, use of proper tools, techniques & methodology to mitigate the risks of Network & Web Threats. eCore also provides complete Insider Threat Management Solutions along with the end to end Enterprise Security.

Business Services


CyberSpace has given a huge boost to the business industry increasing the revenue and taking the national as well as international trade relations to new heights. Due to the increasing dependency on the online market and at the same time invention of new threats, business is becoming big target for information as well as Money Laundering. The incidents of Cyber-espionage are on the rise, wherein, stealing of Confidential Information, Committing Frauds, Unauthorized Access of the network of the organization, and false identities are in a way paralyzing the businesses.
eCore understands the business needs and provides solutions accordingly to ensure the businesses are secure against any online and web related threats.

Legal Services


With the menace caused by the growing CyberCrime across the globe, the need for secure environment is on the rise. At the same time the number of cyber law firms catering to the increasing cyber space related cases is very less. The shortage of legal professionals skilled in Cyber Laws is further compounding the problem. An apt solution to this problem would be to consult a reputed and trustworthy legal consultancy firms.
eCore’s team of Cyber Crime Investigators investigates a Cyber Crime. We collect Evidence, Analyze, Investigate & Submit Reports of the Cyber Traits. Our in-house team of Cyber Lawyers provide Cyber Law Consultancy and handle the entire litigation process for its clients (be it an Individual or a corporate) in Indian Courts.

HR Services


Human Resource Industry is under Cyber Attack with increasing alacrity. Human Resource Department is the heart of every organization. Research has shown that the human resources aspect contribute approximately eighty percent of an organization’s value. It implies that if people are not managed properly, an organization faces a serious challenge of completely falling apart. The Human Resource Department’s main objective is to bring out the best in their employees and thus contribute to the success of the Company.
Human Resource Industry faces a major challenge in terms of Cyber Frauds all happening due to the lack of awareness in the employees. The employees are susceptible to act as a Malware vector that can be used to breach company's confidential information. It has also been seen that employees acting on their own or conniving with criminals indulge in insider trading, thus posing a huge risk to an organization.
eCore Services & Products also analyze the human aspect acting as a vector for Cyber Threats.

Trading Services


Trading Industry exchanges are now-a-days providing alternative trading venues and also providing the data to control the lucrative business of supplying market data, which is worth millions around year.
International corporate spies and organized crime organizations pose a medium-level threat to the US through their ability to conduct industrial espionage and large-scale monetary theft as well as their ability to hire or develop hacker talent. Their goals are profit-based. Their sub-goals include attacks on infrastructure for profit to competitors or other groups listed above, theft of trade secrets, and gain access and blackmail affected industry using potential public exposure as a threat.
Currently adopting a “prevent and respond” strategy to cybercrime; but they now need to add “detection and containment” to those aforementioned elements.
Cybercrime was now “at a huge inflection point” as a result of the shift to cloud computing and the emergence of the “internet of things”.
eCore as a private sector organization contributes by sharing information on risks and creating a network to identify the risks and mitigate Cyber Threats.

Online Entertainment and Media


Online Entertainment and Media Services are under consistent Cyber Attack, as recently numerous video game companies have had security breaches.
This covers the enterprise as a whole, the potential Network Vulnerabilities, and even the software and hardware risks that organization would face. The Security Requirements then cover system security policies, information security training programs and information security reviews. The final piece to this is a security plan. The security plan details the organizational risks including known risks, priorities, causes, controls, and the potential impacts. An incident response plan is included as well as potential physical security measures and information assurance policies. Also included are the potential implementation plan, the potential barriers and the potential solutions to those barriers.  

Manufacturing and Engineering


The integration of a manufacturer's assets to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has, in recent years, exposed the manufacturing sector to a variety of electronic threats. The manufacturing industry is an important sector for the economy employing millions across the Nation and accounting for more than 10 percent of each country's economic output. Therefore sector is thus an obvious target for cybercriminals.
In 2010, for instance, a new computer worm termed Stuxnet was unleashed. The worm was designed to attack a specific industrial control system, exposing the vulnerability of industrial control systems to cyber-attacks.
eCore provides solutions as control networks to Industry for continuing their expansion and integrating to business systems. Also helps in creating policies & best practices to mitigate the risks and complexity of cyber vulnerabilities as process safety risk assessments.

Technology and Services


technology and services

The growing ubiquity of mobile technologies in implementing solutions and especially the penetration of internet-connected devices in the market will fuel newer cyber threats and increase the challenges for IT resources in organizations. Every day new patches are getting released for software’s being used by organizations. On the same hand thousands of new unique malwares are getting discovered on a daily basis. This fact for sure is making the lives of Infosec professionals all the more challenging.
eCore understands the need of IT Security Implementation in all its rapidly evolutionary magnificence. Therefore, we closely work with our client’s to secure their Web Technologies, Cloud Security, Network(s) covering both wired & wireless as per the compliance requirements. We believe in providing End to End Enterprise Security covering all aspects of Insider Threats as well as External Threats to ensure the organizations are not being victim of security breaches (Data Theft, Denial of Service Attacks, Malware Attacks, Intellectual Property Cyber Crimes & Many more). eCore handles both pre-crime situations like prevention of hacking and/or unauthorized breach & post crime tasks for IT organizations wherein techniques of Digital Forensics are used to trace/track the source of crime/fraud/sabotage.