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Web Portal Security - 7 Myths Busted

Myth 1: My Web Portal is SECURE… (You’ll have to prove us WRONG)…
Myth 2: Nobody’s interested in Hacking/Attacking my Web Portal.                                                           
Myth 3: The Developers will deal with the Web Portal Security.
Myth 4: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will Secure My Web Portal.
Myth 5: Firewalls Protect Against Website Attacks.
Myth 6: Network Vulnerability Scanners Protect My Website.
Myth 7: Annual Website Vulnerability Assessments Are Good Enough.


Why Startups require Web Portal Security Solutions?

Criminals and hackers work in tandem to obtain confidential data from your company or organization, to steal identity information from your website users, to damage your reputation or simply to use your website to distribute malware to not only your users but others as well.
New businesses are most susceptible to cyber attacks, and criminals are taking advantage of that by targeting startups when they are weak, according to a new study released by Symantec.
  • -- Estimated 388 million entrepreneurs across the world started or ran a new business in 2012.
  • -- The largest growth area for cyber attacks last year involved businesses with fewer than 250 employees.
  • -- Thirty-one percent of security breaches were directed at small- and medium-sized businesses, a threefold increase from two years ago.
  • -- Number of web-based attacks increased 30 percent last year among businesses.
An organization's own staff mostly has greater access permissions to the website and disgruntled, malicious or staff which has been recently made redundant are more interested in your website than someone else's.
Additionally, in an endeavor to drive traffic and begin conducting transactions quickly. Startups more often than not launch websites without adequate security measures. Thus exposing critical financial or other sensitive information inevitably compromised.
Who would want to get into such a mess??? Would you???

eCore’s Special WAPT offer for Startups

Keeping this in mind we @ eCore have launched a special Web Application Penetration Testing Model only for startups*

Benefits of Cyber Security to Startups:

  1. --Cyber Secured Web Presence
  2. --Gap Analysis in Implementation
  3. --Cyber Security Best Practices
  4. --Resources Reallocation
  5. --Safeguarding Online Intellectual Property                                                                      
  6. --Increase ROI on Security Investment
  7. --Increases Brand Value Proposition
  8. --Legally Safe from Laws
  9. --Mitigating Risks & Reducing Financial Losses from Web Based Fraud, abuse & errors.
  10. --Streamlining the online IT Operations
We protect online presence of Start-Ups by informing them of the vulnerabilities in their Web Portals via our specialized WAPT Techniques. The detailed reports also suggest where the vulnerabilities are and on top of it proposed suggestions to fix them via SSDLC (Secured Software Development Life Cycles) processes. 
*Points to be noted & Get Started

1) eCore will refund your money in case No Vulnerabilities** are found in 1st Scan. Additionally, we’ll provide a Quarterly Web Portal Security Audit for FREE.

** A Web Security Vulnerability is a weakness in a web portal that could allow an attacker to compromise the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of that web application.

2) The cost and the associated service of the Penetration Testing is Just $15 Per Month.

3) This includes the features listed in Web Application Penetration Testing.

4) To avail the service you'd need to subscribe for the Whole Year: An amount equivalent to $180 ($15*12) would need to be paid in Advance.

*Who is a Startup? Am I eligible?

In our lingo you are a startup, in case you satisfy the condition that your business is in operation for less than 18 months.
Remember: For all calculation purposes a business starts: Either when a Web Portal Domain is registered OR there’s a date on any official registration document from a competent government body. We’ll go by whichever is later :-) :-)
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