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Our Passion


eCore's Innovation is driven by their passion to resolve Cyber Space real time problems for society. eCore as a team has the zeal to be the best in the Industry in providing Cyber Security Solutions for any kind of Cyber World, Cyber Space or Cyber Environment’s Threats. We go deep into the technology to understand the process & flow of information to come out with the best solution. With increasing Cyber Frauds, eCore team is committed to cut down on the global Cyber Crime losses by securing Cyber world's entire network & its connections through our innovative solutions.
Our organization being specialized in information security, network consultancy and secure application development not only gives the final product as per the client’s requirement but also runs it through rigorous testing techniques to check for security loopholes at various developmental stages.
“Our Passion is to bring in Innovation into each of our Cyber Security Solution and spread awareness leading to Empowerment of its clients.”
We build and integrate security features in each of the phases such that the final product is the result of mapping of client’s need to consultant’s expertise and that is totally secure.
Our mission is to help individuals and organizations secure them such that they are protected from Cyber Threats and/or prepare them to mitigate any such losses that these Cyber Threats pose.

Can You Afford Cyber Crimes??


As an organization have you ever been worried that hackers in different parts of the world can put you out of business? Have you ever planned to have a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)?
If not, then it is about time to actually do that as the advancement in technology and Internet has made the cyber-crime take a structured and an organized form with even more sophisticated means thus exposing our data and system to even more unauthorized access and usage.
The type of intrusions being experienced by organizations worldwide has resulted in a direct impact on the business of the organization including that of huge revenue losses and severely damaging the brand image. As an organization we cannot ignore this aspect and close our eyes to the imminent Cyber threats that have the potential to jeopardize your growth plans, and can even kill your business. Think what will happen if your organization doesn’t have a Security Plan in place or a Team that can respond to such an attack. To combat such a threat, cyber security solutions are essential to keep the system and data secured and providing a safe platform for the business to flourish.  
Do you have a CYBER Business Continuity Plan?
Do you have a Business Continuity plan if Cyber Criminals flood your Web site or your computer, server? Do you have a way to conduct business if criminals decide to shut down your Network or Internet connection?
You’re right, it’s not very likely. But neither was September 11 or any other infamous site hack?
If your company figured into those Business losses both Brand Value & Financial Loss-the impact could be certainly huge. So, it is about time, to prepare for an imminent eventuality.

eCore Wow Factor


eCore’s WOW Factor can be summarized in just 3 simple and yet very powerful words: Passion | Innovation | Empowerment. All these words can be well knitted in a single statement  
“Our Passion is to bring in Innovation into each of our Cyber Security Solution and spread Awareness leading to Empowerment of its clients.”
Cyber threats being faced by Individuals, Governments & Corporate World are a Global Phenomenon.
We at eCore emphasize on Strong Corporate Ethics Philosophy in which Trust” is the core factor that holds an Anchor to the foundation on which we grow”.
We at eCore maintain a high level of transparency with our clients by providing direct interaction with the project team member(s). A special emphasis is laid on this interaction during the critical stages of the project development.
We follow agile model for development of the projects. It assists us in timely completion and delivery of the project with cost effectiveness. The product thus created being economical and delivered on time, additionally has a high quotient of security features incorporated during various phases to make it fully secure with greater ease of use.